belle of the beach // feisty in {fringe}


this post is less of a fashion guide & more of a tribute to summer and all of the beautiful things it had to offer.  as I began looking through these photos, I realized my style transcends from summer, smoothly & superbly into fall.  I don’t all of the sudden toss out my summer wardrobe & become a whole new woman.  for me, there is a transitional period in my wardrobe that I know & love, often wishing it lasted longer.  you will still see me rocking fringe like I am at the beach — and even white, I’ll just add the word “winter” in front of it to make it seasonally satisfactory.  no makeup, no filter, no worries.  enjoy!

claiming to be belle of the beach but currently acting like more of a jasmine

IMG_4785 IMG_4784 IMG_4782 IMG_4780

sunshine selfies

IMG_7388 IMG_7391



lioness mane problemz

IMG_7558 IMG_7565

don’t fret – I had 2 chili cheese hot dogs 10 minutes before this moment.  my ribcage is just tryna hang

IMG_7570 IMG_7571

happy as a clam


frolicking {in fringe} – couldn’t help myself


even though this hoodie clearly provides absolutely no warmth, i love its peek-a-boo playfulness & I can’t wait to layer it up this fall


hood rich (jk, no)


vvv seductive


more frolicking


can’t stop won’t stop


on Jordan: sunnies Quay Australia // bikini Victoria’s Secret // jewels Stella & Dot // crop hoody POL old, similar here

photography by Amanda Oleri


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