back to classics // always {simple} & chic


it’s always fun to get all dolled up & put on your fanciest frills, but sometimes the most stylish looks we want to emulate [see: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley] are the simplest. hence, why they look so effortless.  so I’ve put together a few tips based on one of my easiest summer outfits.  homies, I’m taking it back to classics.

things that are always simple & chic: black & white, pair-with-anything accessories, & a natural mane 23

when a woman paints her nails red, she naturally becomes more confident and her gestures naturally more feminine

mani done by yours truly.


[insert natural mane here]  on those hot summer days, why waste your energy on hair that is bound to change with the wind, humidity, and dripping NYC air conditioners?  my summer routine includes hair air dried. just go with it.  you may even feel more confident when you’re au naturel


simple accessories can make a big impact.  all this outfit needed was a touch of sparkle & spike [& snake?]


on Jordan: black & white blouse H&M // white maxi skirt JCrew // arm party & ring Stella & Dot // heart studs Rocksbox

photography by Sole Hernandez


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